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C4A Biography

Biography of Campaign4Africa

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Campaign4Africa,(C4A) is Africa's indispensable instrumental search-light for common good, constructive and positive love, peace, unity, youths, culture, art, Africa's legacies, vigilance, intelligence, ethics, security; talents and potentials, empowerment, information, communication, local and foreign partnerships or collaborations, leadership, followership, civic responsibility, collective- responsibility, social interaction, mutual progress and benefits, capacity and environmental developments, in every aspect of the Africa Nation, Human Family life and Spirit-Africa.

Campaign4Africa, C4A, is a strong voice in the world, a common good and constructively-positive model for the African people, in the Diaspora or across the world, whether African-Americans, African-Asians, African-British, African-African, African-European, Pure Africans and so on. It is a multi-facets body which seeks to criticize the odds in Africa, and the negative impressions most Africans and the rest people of the world place on the African continent and its people. Campaign4Africa tells the world more about the vast and rich cultures of the people of Africa and the future of the continent and the controversial fact that all people, tribes, cultures, languages and nations, on mother Earth have origins in Africa. We believe all members of the Human Family are all Africans, based on undeniable evidences, around the world, which are yet to be beaten. C4A is, also, a strong voice against social vices perpetrated by illegitimate elements in Africa and around the world, which puts Africa in an angle of condemnation and malicious criticism in the world. Still, Mother Africa is the full breasted entity of her children-nations of the world, and a mystery to be unfolded in due course.

The future is very bright for Africa, the pillar of the Gentile Nation, upon which divine covenants and promises rest in the One and True Human Family and the world, for many reasons. Most people of the world, members of the Human Family, do not see anything good or fascinating in Africa. They do not believe in this God blessed, ancient and present instrument of the Most High because of the ugly side most Africans turn on, in the present Human Family. Most parts of the world believe that Africa is a poor, devastated, lost and uncivilized part of mother earth. This conception is not true and should be dis-credited by all people of the world. When you consider the great mysteries, prophecies, truths, facts, inexhaustible wealth, industrious people, naturally gifted children and youths of Africa, the future- the Africa Nation or the United Nations of Africa or the United Nations of Mother Africa, from the beginning of time, and from the discoveries of science and from the stand point of the greatest Book of all ages, the Holy Scripture, till this day, Africa stands the chance of undeniable and exclusive greatness, power, mandate, essence, history, style, divinity, humanity, spirituality, Mutuahility, balance and glory.

Campaign4Africa is also a foundation, which promote better or rising life for poor children, youths and less-privileged members of the Human Family and the world. It is a social and humanitarian and alternative conflict resolution body, which helps to cement broken walls, endears peace and unity among all people of the world. We support all efforts toward improving better or rising life in and outside the shores of Africa, in other parts of the world. The aim of C4A cardinals and foundation is to initiate, motivate the ability and aptness, in all people of the world, to make Mother Africa better for all Africans and the rest of the world in food production, primary health-care, social balance, people and environment appreciation, preservation and maintenance, African cultures, norms and values and legacies, vigilance, intelligence, security, capacity building among youths, in both management and entrepreneurship, network marketing, civic responsibility, road safety, drug abuse, community infrastructures development and protection, community electrification, innate talents and potentials of the people, sport development, education for all categories of the African people and so on. C4A is an effective, efficient, comprehensive and non-political and non-religious. It is a social, constructively-positive instrument and social network, which see all Africans as one people of the Human Family, bring them together, no matter their age brackets, orientate, educated them on vital issues of human life, the facts and truths about Africa and her existence, in other to make them better anywhere they are in the world. Good ambassadors of Africa are the next level of Africa.

Campaign4Africa is, also, a medium through which the world or anyone sees and understands Africa better, other than, corruption, violence, crime, unstable, dirty, undeveloped, lazy, ordinary, unspiritual, brutal, fetish and condemned. Campaign4Africa speaks for the non-African and the African environments. Therefore, it is a machinery against man-made odds, social vices such as corruption, wickedness, poor or bad leadership, followership, government, insecurity, insensitivity of leaders and governments to the plights of their people, selfishness, greed, inadequate utterances and preaching of many, who call themselves preachers, poor standard of living of the majority African people, poor standard of education and poor conducts of the governments, corporate bodies or private sector, teachers and parents to the development of the future of Mother Africa. In a nutshell, Campaign4Africa is all about making Africa better for the whole world. It is about policing the whole African life, from the grass-root to the metropolitan and national lives, so as to reach a common ground where all the constructive efforts of all African people and governments yield the common Good of all Africans and the rest people of the world.

For investors, in and out of African continent, Campaign4Africa helps you harness your funds, wealth and resources. We give you guidelines on how to invest, what to invest and what to invest on, in order to secure your valuable time, funds and so on, as an investor, individual or organizations, wishing to invest in any sector of any country in Africa. Campaign4Africa ensures adequate information and communication flow among parties in business or partners-in-progress. We serve as mediator, in conflict or dispute resolution (alternative dispute resolution). We facilitate cross cultural relations between two nations or among nations of the world i.e. Africa and the world, in several ways. We promote peaceful co-existence between governments and the local or community people, and ensure mutual responsibility and progress across the African continent.

Finally, Campaign4Africa, C4A facilitates and promotes individual both collective and self-constructive discoveries, developments, attainments, teaching Africans to get rid of diseases, health crises and poverty. Therefore, we encourage good health, well-being, longevity and wealth creation and investment strategies, across Africa. We encourage Africans, in the Diaspora, to resist all forms of social vices- corruption, fraudulence, mis-management of public funds, illegitimate rules, terrorism, racism, genocide and incompetency in all levels of administration and implementation of the basic needs of the people of Africa, in peaceful and orderly circumstances. We promote boldness, speaking the truth and saving lives, even in the face of fierce dangers or death. This is the spirit of Africa. We teach Africans to reach out to the creator and their fellow brothers and sisters of the Human Family, no matter who they are, or their condition. We persuade all Africans, small or great, old or young, to embrace the most High, the creator of Mother Africa. The maker and custodian of Mother Africa, the ever-faithful, ever-sure, ever-constructive and ever-assuring God Almighty, is Spirit Africa.