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The Culture of Mother Africa is rich, strong, divine

and it is the point where the whole nations of the world truly UNITE.

The Icon, Timmy Africa de Tadsta

The Icon, Timmy Africa de Tadstaman

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This awesome music artist of all time is more than being an artist that has a class of excellence and essence. He is not God, but a god when it comes to reasoning and application. Timmy Africa (Tadstaman the 1st) has so many ‘names.’ He has been giving different names and titles in and beyond the shores of mother Africa. His music, disciplined life style, philosophies, ideologies, messages, outlook, experience, vision, mission, prophecies and beliefs have not only bestowed on him these ‘names’ or titles, but, also, conferred on him a constructive role model for youths all over the world.

Apart from his kind of music that is popularly known as Mutuah or Tadoo Green Reggae, which many schools of thoughts say it is the music, in which the world’s great and powerful genres of music Reggae, Afro, Jazz and some contemporal African music meet or intercept for redefining rhythm and music, he is the Campaign4Africa’s strong man. He is the founder, head, president and CEO of this nongovernmental organization, Campaign4Africa (C4A).

In the field of philosophical ideology, Timmy Africa de Tadsta, as he is globally called, is the exponent and founder of the world’s famous culture and movement called (Tadstamannianism) or in layman’s understanding, the constructive culture of the human life, which collectively says all human beings must live constructively in order to unleash the goodness in all men. Some schools of thoughts believe that Tadstamannianism is a movement of a new breed of human beings whose fundamental mandate is to live better in order to make life better for others. The man music and Africa speak for said “Tadstamanniism or Tadstamannianism is a word which originated from another word ‘Tadstamannii’ in MUTUAH, a language created by me”.

He added, “Tadstamannii is that Constructive spirit of the whole universe. It is a nature of the Eternal Spirit, God Almighty, which He shares with man, so as to make him ever positively creative and self-engineering in making his fellow man and his environ spiritually balanced; sensitive to unbalances, and making the necessary corrections so as to maintain the integrated balance that keeps the perfect system of God going, effect and efficient always.” There are many languages in this world, MUTUAH is one of them, and it is the language of the Tadstamen and Sisos. “Many, through their good works in the world, today, are ‘Tadstas’ or ‘Tadsta-Sisos’, but, they are unaware of this fact.”-Timmy Africa. In many nations of the world China, America, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Nigeria and some African countries and so on, the name ‘Timmy Africa de Tadsta’ has become an house hold entity. This Ambassador for the Africa Fort is also the Founder and C.E .O of this African band, Tadoo Band.

Timmy Africa de Tadstaman is a performer and stage magnate, a composer, a producer, an instrumentalist, human activist, motivational speaker, a thinker, an ideologist, a writer, an actor, a teacher, a preacher, a prophet of the Most High, among other things, he is a simple and a kind person to be with all day. He hopes to see to see a new and better Africa that will usher in a new and better world. He believes that the common Africa child/youth that is neglected and made to suffer by poor governance and governments and insane society today will become the world’s finest solution to key problems in the world

One of the legacies of Timmy Africa de Tadsta and, probably, what he is going to leave behind is ‘reaching out’ to others. This awesome, multitalented and visionary artist of all time, has reached out and has touched many lives around the world, positively, with his unique ‘Tadoo music’, putting Reggae, Afro chips, Jazz and African percussions into one thing in an outstanding way, which most experts in the field refer to as “the interception.” in world music. His philosophy and ideology life, mother Africa, Tadstamannianism, and concept of ‘all people of the world are one ‘big’ family, are the order of the day. Timmy is so fond of children and youths in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. They say “he is the ‘big flow’ and is unstopping.”