Timmy Africa de-Tadstaman

Mutuah Music, Mutuah Reggae

Mutuah People, Mutuah Africa, Mutuah World!

The Culture of Mother Africa is rich, strong, divine

and it is the point where the whole nations of the world truly UNITE.

C4A Presidency

The Campaign4Africa, C4A Presidency

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Fellow Africans, the inhabitants of the land of undying hope, faith and agape-love (the unconditional love) for the One and True Human Family and planet earth, Mother Africa is the FIRST BORN of mother Earth. I am your friend, brother, fellow comrade in the struggle for common good or constructive cause and freedom for all people, especially for all Africans, living within or outside the shores of our common heritage, our native land called Africa, I am your music man and campaigner for a better Africa for a better Human Family and world. I am Timmy Africa de Tadstaman I, the man music and Mother Africa speak for.

There is no doubt; Mother Africa will usher in a new or better world that will last for long time in the history of God and mankind. As a matter of fact, Mother Africa is not just the mother of the people or nations of the world; she is the fountain or source and home of divinity, humanity, spirituality, civilization, posterity, solution to the crisis in the world, originality, culture, sacred and divine and Good Legacies of the Most High, things that were, are and to come, legacies of mother Earth, the whole creation and the Human Family. Mother Africa is the point where divinity equates humanity and equates the spirituality of the people, nations, tribes, languages of the Human Family and world. We are the focal-point of God’s creation, the realms, there is no controversy. And it begins in Mother Africa.

Let us look beyond, borrowing a leaf or the other from the protests, revolutions, violence, terrorism and wars rocking every nook and cranny of Africa today. Of course, they are shadows that will soon dissolve away, when Africa becomes Mother Africa (the one and true Africa Nation) or the real Africa. Mother Africa will re-appear and take her true place in the affairs of God Almighty and mankind, affairs of the Human Family and of the world. Today, the crises in Africa are the shakings that will unleash the desirable things meant for the stability of Africa, for the next level. Mother Africa will occupy her exclusive position and crucial roles in the affairs of the world. These turbulent times and seasons will be over. They are the determining factors of Africa’s future peace, unity, economic boom and balancing that will last for a long time. There shall be a period of peace, stability and economic boom across Mother Africa.

Africa is blessed with a lot of resources, favourable climate, fertile ground, wealth, cultures, crude science and technology, religion, arts, music, entertainment, legacies, human capital; youths and their talents or potentials and so on. The economy of the Africa Nation and that of the world will come to lean on these gifts from the creator. It is a fact, that there are many rulers but a few leaders in Africa and other parts of the world. It is, also, a fact, that there are inexhaustible resources in Africa than anywhere in the world, waiting for Africans and helpers to tap but, there are no good managers. Instead, there are canker-worms and robbers, who always think of themselves, first, before the Most High, not to mention the majority Africans, in all circumstances. But the time of the true and visionary leaders has come, when Mother Africa and her children will be tutored, and led in the right directions and dimensions, so as to achieve the best results for the African populace and the rest members of the Human Family. As Africa is the next level, from all indications, in the affairs of the world, African children and youths are undoubtedly the next and higher grounds Mother Africa and the rest of the world. Mother Africa and the rest members of the Human Family and world are expecting us to spring up for the Common good of all people and nations of the world. Presently, Africans are beginning to realize their talents, potentials, positions, their purposes, visions, passions and mandates. They will unleash their best talents, potentials, positions, purposes, visions and mandates, combining them with the vast and inexhaustible resources, Africa Nation will become the best and greatest economy in the world.

One of our goals is to enlighten Africans and the rest people of the world on the crucial roles of the Africa Nation, as the root or mother of the world. Mother Africa is the next level in the affairs of the world. It is time the whole world concentrates constructively-positively on Africa for the common Good of all people, nations and world.