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The Culture of Mother Africa is rich, strong, divine

and it is the point where the whole nations of the world truly UNITE.



about img There is in mother Africa a culture that speaks and has constructive ethics, vigilance, intelligence, warm embrace, security, balance social interaction and order, and openings which open to life, love, unity, peace, integrity, collective responsibility, collective progress, healing, invention, creativity and other good and great values. The African children and youths are the custodians the great legacies of the Africa Nation culture. In Campaign4Africa (C4A), we believe and emphasize that the African child or youth is the next level just as Africa is the next level in the affairs of the world. Read more


It is a corporate, internet, electronic, online information dissemination, communication, marketing and sales promotion network of the Campaign4Africa (C4A) Empire. C4A Connect is a cardinal or an arm of Campaign4Africa connecting you, your goodwill, products and services or brands, ideas, opinions or messages to the world. It is a sure link to the heart and ‘living’ of the whole world, starting from mother Africa, the one and true Africa Nation. It is all about constructive information, unique, effective and efficient... Read more


PAYATS is basically providing funding for youths to further work on their talents and potentials, business and education. PAYATS is encouraging the African youths to become sound and reliable citizens in mother Africa. Funds are made available through the collective efforts of the combined efforts of C4A, beneficiary and partners in progress in promoting our youths’ talents, business and education in various categories. The beneficiary must be between 18 and 41 years. For you to be part of this project or scheme, you must have a talent, working on a business plan and an education program. You must possess proofs for all these requirements mentioned above in other to qualify to be part of the great opportunity. Read more


Over 100 thousand years ago, there was a land, in patches, without a name, coordinates, direction, hope and future. But in the sight of the creator of the universe, it shall unfold with coordinates, hope, strength and a name. Many several battles had been fought over it and on it, yet the secret things embebled in this land scares even the gods and spirits. Therefore the gods and spirits waged more wars over it, asking the inhabitants to dig it and leave their land, because they are interested in the secrets buried in it. Read more


Mother Africa is green. Africa encourages green house. We must promote vegetation, planting of environment friendly plants. We must plant trees and flowers and reduce global warming more and more across Africa. We encourage you to fund this project across Africa via C4A Oracle-Africa Starvaganza, Open stage and Youths Evolution Series. We mobilize youths across Mother Africa in a special way to become environment friendly, planners, developers and managers.


The Africa child is a pool of talents/potentials and greatness, newness, fresh hope and faith that the future of Africa depends on. The only legacy that we can give our children is the best of every good thing and discipline in the fear of God almighty. The African child is the future of Africa, so his or her today is crucial. All hands must work together in ensuring that the African child is made better and believed in. We welcome local and international collaborations in this regard. Investment in the upbringing of the African child is an industry that still suffers huge set back because of lack of the necessary infrastructures, personnel and funding. We are strategically located and have the needed technical knowhow to push your contributions here across Africa.


Education is the life wire of any nation that wants to grow, develop and be sustained. The Primary education is the need and right of any person or child in the world today. Yet we see that some nations in Africa are not living up to this; providing even the basic education to their children and youths. The so-called leaders or rulers in such places believe to spend funds of these countries on useless things. There is a deliberate act of insolence to educating the young and old in Africa today. There is also a poor approach to solving the problems militating against having a good or standard education in Africa.

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Africa is good news. There are so many great and wonderful things about Mother Africa that make her good news to the world. Let us put aside prejudice and the odds surrounding this great and good land and people at this time. Let us concentrate on other things, which make mother Africa a must be. We believe in the gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ and the gospel derivatives. We must preach and cry out to people around us that it is well with them in the Gospel of Ancient of Days.


There is a healing in Africa that is never second to none. This healing is the beginning and end of all healing. When Mother Africa is healed, the whole world will be healed. We support and promote local and international latest discoveries in the fields of herbal, medical and divine healings.


The crime rate among the youths of Africa is appalling. These youths, male or female, are into crime for one reason or the other. Yet these are the future leaders and parents of mother Africa. In the society where there is law and order, there is no ignorance of the law. There is punishment for the crimes any one commits, but what if these laws are not properly implemented. The bad traits, the so-called leaders or rulers in power in all the nations of mother Africa leave behind them, greed, corruption and selfishness, are what the youths of Mother Africa bath in every day. About 75% of the youths across Mother Africa are corrupt and indulge in various crimes or the other.

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This phenomenon is not the same as Spirit-Africa. In fact the phrase simply means the undying or unflinching hope, faith, courage, passion, intelligence, love, light, life and so on, any good virtue you can think of, in a true African man, woman, youth or child, even in the face of the most fierce danger or death, to match forward, fight for their rights, fulfilling noble causes and make thing constructively new anywhere you find them.

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There are a lot of facts and prophecies that are exclusively for mother Africa. Michel Noftradamus, the great prophet who live over 700 years ago was believed to have seen the world, its transformations, the calamities that would befall the world, the three antichrists, the wars (first world wars to the third world war), the fall of the third antichrist and the end of the world actually saw it, but did not see Africa as it is in the eye and arrangement of God, the Eternal Spirit. It was not because Noftradamus’ prophecies were shortsighted or not comprehensive, but, it was because it was concealed from his very eyes and depth.

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Music and Festivals and Celebrations (MAFAC) ...

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