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The Culture of Mother Africa is rich, strong, divine

and it is the point where the whole nations of the world truly UNITE.


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There is in mother Africa a culture that speaks and has constructive ethics, vigilance, intelligence, warm embrace, security, balance social interaction and order, and openings which open to life, love, unity, peace, integrity, collective responsibility, collective progress, healing, invention, creativity and other good and great values. The African children and youths are the custodians the great legacies of the Africa Nation culture. In Campaign4Africa (C4A), we believe and emphasize that the African child or youth is the next level just as Africa is the next level in the affairs of the world.

The integrated culture of the people of mother Africa is very rich, strong, viable, highly instructing, checking and balancing, and has preserving powers. Therefore, in mother Africa, there lies the one but sacred culture, which is the center of the variable and vast cultures of the land. This divine or sacred culture speaks, and it has a balanced or sound ethics, etiquette, vigilance, intelligence, norms, values, security, dignity, purity, power, essence and perpetual life, which all people of the world or the world must honor, respect and embrace for the good of all people, nations, tribes and languages. We must not, therefore, let our children, youths or people of mother Africa lose touch with these great legacies and spirituality of this land of undying love, hope, faith and an expected end the Most High decreed for her.

Africa has so many tribes of people, cultures, norms and values. In this vast cultural heritage, every human culture finds a path, and a center. Though most of the cultures of the people of the world have been mixed today, and it appears no true or pure line culture exist anymore in the world again. Still, the fact is these cultures of the people of the world originated from the root of life, mother Africa. That mother Africa is the fountain of life, civilization, humanity, culture, religion, rhythm, music, science, philosophy, art and entertainment, divinity, politics, norms and value, vigilance, intelligence, ethics, security, learning, skill acquisition, spirituality, the equilibrium point of life(where divinity equates humanity) and expected future is both Holy Scripture and scientifically proved or established.

The first ever people or community mentioned in the infallible Holy Scripture was an African type, and there are over 600 references made by the Holy Scripture of truth to mother Africa or the higher sense Africa from ancient times. Besides, in early1980s, science made a milestone discovery in mother Africa, when the oldest human skull was excavated by American archeologists. This suggested that human beings must have lived in Africa, first, before migrating to other parts of the world. Apart from these, there is what mouth cannot express in words here in mother Africa.

The Africa Nation culture has all that is needed to make the whole world a better place or heaven on earth for all and sundry. Africans in the Diaspora must learn to look out for the great and laudable gift bestowed on the continent. We must learn to learn and study something constructive or positive about ourselves, about our mother land, about the love of the Most High for this pillar of Gentile Nation of the world. The great and one culture that will unite and recover back the great things, which the whole world has lost to ignorance, empty quests, selfishness, darkness, insanity and straying away from its Righteous creator is the center of the life of mother Africa. All hands must be on deck in other to rescue Africa, because saving mother Africa is saving the world. And healing mother Africa is healing the children of the world. Let us all embrace the truth whenever we see it. Let us turn on a new leaf, if we must help ourselves and our children following closely behind. Let us shun all forms of violence, war, act of terrorism, killing, bombing, selfishness, greed, corruption and inhumanity, because this is what the sacred culture, the point where all the cultures of the people of the world meet for the good of all people, tribes, nations, kingdoms and language. All nations of the world must stand together in other to fight all enemies of mankind. The Africa Nation culture says, we are all one big family of human beings, and there is one God the Father of all.

Culture Africa Compass needs your inputs on this page. We cannot do it all alone. Tell us about your culture as a person, people and nation. Where you are from and basic things which speak your culture i.e. the things by which we know more about the culture. The mode of dressing, foods, preparation of the foods, arts, languages, deity and so on of the people that are bestowed this culture. Tell us how this culture is doing; what are the factors militating against it. C4A Culture Africa Compass will help to spread the good news and make mother Africa a place where the world can come and enjoy what the Most High, through nature, has placed among your great and wonderful people.