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The crime rate among the youths of Africa is appalling. These youths, male or female, are into crime for one reason or the other. Yet these are the future leaders and parents of mother Africa. In the society where there is law and order, there is no ignorance of the law. There is punishment for the crimes any one commits, but what if these laws are not properly implemented. The bad traits, the so-called leaders or rulers in power in all the nations of mother Africa leave behind them, greed, corruption and selfishness, are what the youths of Mother Africa bath in every day. About 75% of the youths across Mother Africa are corrupt and indulge in various crimes or the other.

About the same percentage of those that are corrupt and indulge in crimes are naturally talented in one area or the other. Every African child is a pool of potentials. The same goes for the youths across the continent of Mother Africa. When these youths commit one crime or the other, the elders, leaders or their parents share the blame. A corrupt system is the end-product of corrupt leaders, elders, parents, mentors and youths. The so-called leaders or those in power are master-minders of this canker- worm, corruption, which has eaten deep into the fabrics of the African society. They youths are some of the instruments, which these corrupt or undesirable leaders, find their ways into the seat of power, mis-manipulating the youths of Africa to carry on their evils. They promise these helpless children or youths, who are desperate to get out of their difficult situations, ‘heaven and earth’ so as to lure them into crimes or accept to join the ‘league of nations of crimes’. At the end of the day, the helpless, disillusioned and expectant youths are left to bear the pains, agonies and punishment for the sins of the corrupt and wicked leaders in the society. They are left to rot in police cells and prisons across Africa and outside the shores of mother Africa. Presently, such youths, who, luckily, escape the punishment of the law, dash into the thin air, and retaliate by becoming nuisance and go into full-time crimes in the African society.

The numbers of youths and talents that are sent to face the gallows or sent to their early graves are increasing every moment while the true perpetrators of corruption, oil bunkering, money laundering, kidnapping, assassination are still at large in the society, enjoying their looted funds. The criminals are out there looking for their next victim-youth to be used. The talents or potentials that could have been converted to constructive growth and development of our great countries are going into the drain every time our youths are sent to die or to be locked up in one cell or prison across the continent. The pathetic situation is most of them suffering the crimes they did not commit. It always a case of gorilla eating the banana, it is the monkey that is caught and punished for it.

The sentences the law courts put on the youths for their involvement in crimes, especially, the ones they are victimized into doing or committing are too harsh, and should be reviewed. The long years of stay in a penitentiary are too much, and this is killing or wasting away the talents or potentials that could turn our society or mother Africa into a more vigilant, sounder more intelligent, better secured, more advanced scientifically, technologically, mentally and physically and economical continent of the world. The time has come for us to remove the harsh environment facing the youths of Mother Africa. It is time for our leaders, governments and parents in Mother Africa to wake up from their slumber, and put on a new leaf let us make the African society better and progressive. Whenever an African youth is mentioned or involved in crimes, the Africa Nation and its people demand for a proper, fact-finding and fact-establishing profiling, rapid, judicious and comprehensive investigation, in the interest of the Africa Nation should be carried out, without prejudice or favor before putting him or her in police cells or arranging him or her before a competent court within the stipulated time in the constitution of our countries in Mother Africa. This will provide enough evidence and time needed in establishing the truth and justice. It will also enable the law enforcement officials to do justly and in accordance to the Rule of Law.

We demand fair treatment for all suspects (we must remember that a suspect is still not guilty or a criminal until he or she is declared guilty or a criminal by a competent court), especially when it involves capital crimes or criminal cases. A police station or an army barrack is not a court of law, though minor or civil cases may be resolved there. We demand that all operatives of the law involved in handling the crimes committed by an average African youth, anywhere in Africa, should respect the Fundamental Human Rights, especially the right to life, freedom of expression and freedom of opinion so as to enhance proper and comprehensive investigation. The Rule of Law does not condole excesses on the parts of the law enforcement officials or security agencies. All law enforcement agents should strictly adhere to the constitution and their codes of conducts, as incompetence and orchestrated delays, which have characterized police and other security operatives’ duties, in recent times, across the Africa Nation, will no longer be allowed.

We demand that sentences made by the court in this respect or in the case of the African youth, should be revisited in every three months, in order not to leave any stone unturned or errors in the administration of justice across Mother Africa. Since the law itself was made by man, and we all are aware that man is fallible or make mistakes, there is the tendency to have laws that have short-comings. The laws should be reviewed constantly, as in practice or implementation, they may be found unsuitable. There is clear difference between Justice and the Truth. What is justice may not be the truth, and what is truth may not be justice. Our legal practitioners and law enforcement personnel must be interested in establishing the truth, first, before justice in any case. This is what makes a court of law or Judges competent in all ramifications. A court of law or Judge cannot be said to be competent till he or she knows the difference between justice and truth or establishes the difference between justice and truth as the case may be. In most cases, research has shown that most of the cases treated in the world were done in other to establish justice rather than the truth. Therefore, there is over 65% guarantee that the justice established, so far, in all cases in the courts across Africa, the innocent suffers or is been killed for the crime he or she does not commit in the first instance.

The reviewing of all crime investigated, suspects profiling conducted and treated by the law enforcement operatives, and the judgments passed by the courts on the African youths quarterly is important, for the crimes they committed, directly or indirectly, if our police stations, police cells, court system are to be reduced. Police station and court bureaucracies (which cause unnecessary delays in their operations) and over burdening of our lawyers and judges should be reduced by strict compliance to the constitution or the rule of Law in Africa. Artificial or orchestrated delays are still they order of the day in most police stations and law courts because of corruption or bribing. This must be eliminated, as it will speed up the treatment of impending cases, thereby promoting effective and efficient legal system across the Africa Nation. The use of computers and computerization of all police activities- suspect profiling, investigations, evidences, identifications and cases should be established by the governments with the support of individual philanthropists. This will reduce paper documentations, which are sometimes easily mis-placed or stolen in the stations or law courts. It will also ensure their preservation for a long time, and for future references.

A competent, ready, willing, effective and fair panel and a team, which consist of trust-worthy people should be set up by law to cross examine all crimes and sentences related to the African youths quarterly, so as to promote check and balance in the police operations, suspect profiling and conducts and the entire legal system of the African society. Also, the sentences place on youths for the crimes they commit may be divided into sections. This will allow the society to obtain vital information, logistics, strategies or technical know-how of the nature of the crimes committed from the suspect-youths. This will be used for the development of intelligence, vigilance and sanity needs of the African society. And make they contribute to the progress or development of their society. The other section may be for the punishment for the crimes committed.

Serving prison inmates should be made more useful in detecting and fishing out suspects, and made to create instruments for counter-acting crimes. Instead of killing youths found guilty of crimes, especially the capital ones, they can be placed in secured conferment or production unit and put into productive use. Special centers where such youths can be taught one the production of good and services which will enhance the development of the GDP of African countries. The innocent suffering for what he or she does not known or the crime he or she does not commit will be reduced drastically, if not totally eradicated in the Africa Nation society. And our streets, cities, states, countries or continent will be less harsh, safer, complimenting and more progressive for the common good of all Africans and the rest of the world.

Tell us what youths are facing in your street, city, state or country. Tell us what crimes are they committing, and what the law enforcement agents and the legal system are doing about crimes and youths. We entertain pictures, videos or any other proofs of what is going on in your locality or country. Share it with Campaign4Africa Crime Control and Management and Palliative Measures (CCAMAPM), we shall be there. Our team of legal experts is always ready to make sure all hands are on deck in other to help Mother Africa and her children better in crime shunning, fighting, controlling and managing.