Timmy Africa de-Tadstaman

Mutuah Music, Mutuah Reggae

Mutuah People, Mutuah Africa, Mutuah World!

The Culture of Mother Africa is rich, strong, divine

and it is the point where the whole nations of the world truly UNITE.

Goals of C4A


  • Re-educate, re-inform, re-organize, re-establish, rebuild, and re-direct Africans and non- Africans in the sacred and other things pertaining to Africa.
  • Promote African integral and integrated cultures, legacies and the spirituality of the African continent.
  • Re-awaken the African people, leaders, youths and children to understand the foundations of Mother Africa, and the crucial roles of Africa in making the whole world a better place for every one through constructive culture, the Gospel of Christ and good works.
  • Encourage and promote international collaborations/partnerships in the economy and development of the economy of the Africa Nation.
  • Promote natural resources, human resources, bio-innate resources, intellectual resources, economic resources, social resources, spiritual and divine resources and the future of the continent of Africa.
  • Usher in a new, better Africa that will usher in a constructively-positive world, beginning in Mother Africa.
  • Enlighten and promote the facts and truths about Mother Africa, theologically, philosophically and scientifically.
  • Assist African governments in attaining constructive goals and reaching the grass root areas of the African Land, which they govern.
  • Promote and help government decisions which are in the interest of the general well being of all the different strata of the African populace.
  • Educate governments and other decision making elements of the African Society on the crucial needs of the people of Africa, and in the various African countries in other to promote government and masses cordial relationships.
  • Promote products and brands that are working tirelessly in uplifting the African consumer satisfaction and protection, and ensuring cordial relationship and cooperation between the public and manufacturing companies of these products and brands.
  • Enhance collaborators sales and profits turn-over so that partners will be rest assured that their hard earned funds are judiciously used for social and economic developments.
  • Discover and provide a solid platform for youths and their talents/potentials to get to limelight, thereby redefining and redesigning African youths towards becoming new and contributory individuals across Africa.
  • Promote peace, love, unity, security, intelligence, vigilance and social cooperation among African children, African youths and African parents and their leaders.
  • Promote the African entertainment, artistry, artists and relevant industries across Africa.
  • Provide job opportunities and better life programs for youths and other members of the African populace. Enhance self-employment among youths, house wives and profitable social security in Africa.
  • Promote and standardize collective responsibility, collective progress and mutual benefits across the African continent.
  • Promote and integrate the great diversities of African culture in other to discover and enjoy the values-ethics, vigilance, intelligence, norms, reverence and essence that exist in the integrated and inexhaustible African culture for the good of the whole world.
  • Bring Mother Africa together under one and formidable entity, and unify and prepare the young Africans in the Diaspora for the implementation of the crucial roles of Africa in the world. The world is waiting for Mother Africa to manifest in greater and constructive deeds.