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PAYATS is basically providing funding for youths to further work on their talents and potentials, business and education. PAYATS is encouraging the African youths to become sound and reliable citizens in mother Africa. Funds are made available through the collective efforts of the combined efforts of C4A, beneficiary and partners in progress in promoting our youths’ talents, business and education in various categories. The beneficiary must be between 18 and 41 years. For you to be part of this project or scheme, you must have a talent, working on a business plan and an education program. You must possess proofs for all these requirements mentioned above in other to qualify to be part of the great opportunity.

Qualified youths across mother Africa must be working on his or her talent or potential, which must be in any area of music, other arts, entertainment, sound engineering, photography, writing of educational, playwriting, acting, dancing, beauty, comedy, audio-visual artistry and so on. He or she must have a business going on or about starting one. If the later is the case, PAYATS gives business advice which will help in setting up a lucrative business. We advise that our beneficiaries must aim at business ideas that will make them self-dependent and entrepreneurs. He or she must also be studying or going to school, learning a formal discipline from educational institutions.

The amount of fund made available for a beneficiary varies, depending on the nature and status co of the business plan presented. There is no interest placed on receiving PAYATS funds, but we must warn you that the procedures involved may be tasking. We make sure you are just qualified and prudent in every facet of you being a member of PAYATS. We have teams of experts in business, talent or potential and education management that will ensure you are carefully scrutinized for legibility.

How to become a beneficiary of C4A PAYATS:

  1. You must meet the required age bracket.
  2. You must register with C4A PAYATS office near you. You will be given membership ID and other relevant forms you must fill properly.
  3. You must have a Saving Account with our partner Bank across Africa.
  4. You must submit the well completed forms with 4 passport photographs, relevant proofs that you are running a talent, a business and educational program in a college or other relevant institutions.
  5. After you have scrutinized and accepted as a member of C4A PAYATS, you must attend PAYATS’ seminars, workshops and conferences close to you, or online.
Note: Other relevant information will be given you at our certified PAYATS centers near you. If do not have PAYATS in your area or locality, join us by sending your comments to us.