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The Culture of Mother Africa is rich, strong, divine

and it is the point where the whole nations of the world truly UNITE.


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This phenomenon is not the same as Spirit-Africa. In fact the phrase simply means the undying or unflinching hope, faith, courage, passion, intelligence, love, light, life and so on, any good virtue you can think of, in a true African man, woman, youth or child, even in the face of the most fierce danger or death, to match forward, fight for their rights, fulfilling noble causes and make thing constructively new anywhere you find them.

That African who indulges in evil, crimes and has no respect for his or her fellow human being and his or her life, irrespective of his color, history, status, religion, belief, opinion, ideology and background is illegitimate son of the land. He or she is not truly an original African man or woman. He or she is an illegitimate son or daughter or a bastard. Such person or group of persons came through the windows into the African yard, and such do not have the insigne of the true and one Africa Nation.

The constructiveness (Tadstamanniism) of human existence is the focus here. Like the days of Moses the prophet of the Most High, the Israelites in the Africa (Egypt), the land of experience, and not the land of bondage any more. Mother Africa was the land of tutorage and civilization, the analogy of the “burning bush.” The bush was on fire, but the leaves were neither withered nor destroyed. So is the spirit in the true African man, woman, youth or child anywhere you find them. This is Tadstamannianism, the constructive culture that sustains the human world. Do you have spirit of Africa in you? Are you a Tadsta or a Siso? Are you that constructive life-style?

Spirit of Africa is the highest positive spirit culture. It is the Spirit of Africa is the mood love. It is the wind that blows away the terrifying heat of the Sahara sub-region. It is the oil that heals perfectly and perpetually. The spirit of Africa is the African spirit, and it is the light of the sun and the illumination of the full moon. It shines like the stars in the heaven. The spirit of mother Africa is the spirit that does not flow anywhere. It is always found where the human life exists together in love or with the true love for the preservation of the life of all created things. It is the spirit that survives where angels dare not survive. The spirit of love, unity, peace, truth, justice and liberty, which makes the flaming fire of the human life grow from strength to strength, hopefully, occupying the Garden earth of the Most High.

The spirit of mother Africa eschews evil and other forms of inhumanity to humanity, darkness that hates the light, which liberate by illumination, the eyes of mankind. It hates selfishness which is not a way of uniting the children of mother Africa or the rest of the world. It shuns the inordinate use of what belongs to all and sundry, but is squandered by obnoxious, cruel and illegitimate few ones who exist among the majority. These are weak and wild beasts that go about in sheep’s skin.

The spirit of Africa is that spirit that is cultivated and grows where darkness is weak, and where the light reigns always, even in the deepest part in the hearts of the children of men. When it is bloodshed, it is not the spirit of mother Africa. Where there is greed and self-centeredness, it is not the spirit of Africa. Where there is evil, it is not the spirit of mother Africa, which glides on all goodness and true love. When there is hatred, backbiting, killing, covetousness or any form of wickedness, it is not the spirit of Africa that inhabits there. Where there is confusion and going astray, it is not the spirit of Africa. When it is cold love and injustice, it is never the spirit of Africa. Whenever the love of brotherhood fails, and dishonesty becomes the order of the day, it is not the spirit of Africa. Where there was pestilence and genocide, and the perpetrators are in hiding, it was never the spirit of mother Africa. Where the majority suffers and only the few smile, it is not the warm spirit of our mother Land, Africa. Where there is corruption and pollution of every kind, it is never the spirit of the common people of mother Africa, which makes Africa strong, great and fit in any circumstance. Mother Africa may be dominated by black people, yet darkness black is not the desire and will of the true African man, woman, youth or child.

Finally, the spirit of Africa is the light that shines when all other lights fail to shine. It is light black, which rules the whole universe. It is the light white that keeps the universe flourishing. In conclusion, it is the sun that speaks of you, spirit of mother Africa. It is the moon that writes your facts, spirit of Africa. It is the rain that waters your seed of history, spirit of Africa. It is the soil that bears your fruits, spirit of mother Africa. Feed, o babes of mother Africa. Feed, and grow strong because in your young hands lies the desires of the future, which does not make himself known to any mortal soul. In the hearts of your young minds lies the future of humanity, the desire of the distant, the near, the great, and the small. Soar high, the spirit of mother Africa, the reason why we of today will see the light of day of tomorrow. The spirit of Africa is the spirit of freedom. This is what we share in Campaign4Africa with all Africans in the Diaspora. Embrace the warm spirit of Africa that Intel the whole world.