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Biography of Timmy Africa de Tadstaman

The Biography of Timmy Africa de Tadstaman

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Isaac Timmy Omoh, popularly known as Timmy Africa de Tadstaman was born on 16th of September, 1973 in Owo, Ondo State, in the South-West geo-political zone of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He hails from Esan in Edo State of Nigeria. He was born into a polygamous family, and his late father, Chief Kenneth Omoh, was a renowned politician and agriculturalist of Arimogija in Ondo State. His mother, Mrs. Abiola Adeshola is a retired civil servant. Timmy Africa had his primary education in Ayedere Ajibola Primary School in Ketu, Lagos (1973-1979). His secondary school education followed immediately at Ayedere Ajibola Secondary School in the same Lagos (1980-1985). He had his post-secondary educations both in the South-West. He attended the Institute of Management and Technology in Lagos, where he had his Diploma in Mass Communication (1986-1988). He got his Ordinary National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Business Management in Owo Poly (1989-1993). He studied Music in the Polythenic Ibadan (1995-1997). He later got his Bachelor of Art in Theology and Research in SABICOM affiliated with Western Pacific Universities, USA (2000- 2004). He is the father of two children, Edward and Elizabeth, and many brothers and sisters, who are doing well in their various endeavors.

Timmy Africa de Tadsta, as he is sometimes called, is a musician, song writer, composer, producer, performer, teacher, researcher, prophet, writer, play wright, actor, culturist, conventionist, an activist, ideologist, mentor or role model for the youths and a founder. He founded the world’s famous constructively -positive cultures and movements: Tadstamannianism, Mutuahism, Mutuahilism or Mutuahility, Tadooism, Essencism, Existencism, Rasta-Tadstamannianism, Common Good, Tadstah Havilah, Mutuah Green Africa-World, Oracle-Africa Starvaganza and Open-Stage and Making Africa Better for the Whole World. He is also the founder and president of Timmy Africa and the Tadoo Band, one of Africa’s most branded, electrifying, eloquent, and cultural music band. The band is registered in Nigeria, and it is one of the great bands in Africa and it is based in Nigeria.

Timmy Africa is the founder and CEO of Campaign4Africa (C4A), an all Africans' multi social network and foundations organization. Campaign4Africa is one of Africa’s popular NGOs and foundations and social networks. The body addresses, corrects and promotes Africa’s social issues as they affect the international community; making Africa continent better for Africans in the Diaspora and the rest of the world. This organization has so many slogans, of which ‘Africa is one and the whole world is one in Mother Africa is one of the popular ones. The body is a non-political, non-religious in all ways. All Africans and the rest people of the world are one big Human Family. Campaign4Africa or C4A, and its slogans are built on the organization’s cardinals and operations. The one and true Africa Nation is the hope, strength and glory of a new world, and this lies in the unity of all Africans in the Diaspora, says Timmy Africa, the Mutuah Music Reggae man, (MMRM).

Campaign4Africa, C4A, is Africa’s indispensable and instrumental searchlight for constructive cultural ethics, intelligence, vigilance, neighborhood, crime control and management, youths evolution, pan African youths and talents scheme, foreign and local collaborations, leadership-followership concern, unity, love and peace, education, entertainment, social networking, information and communication, African legacies, civic responsibility and collective progress, empowerment and development, regeneration and promotion of Mother Africa continent and Spirit-Africa. Campaign4Africa is all African’s one -voice against social vices, mis-leading and mis-interpretations of the one and true Africa Nation. The organization is also for constructive and collective reforms across Africa. Africans must believe in a constructively-positive nation, culture, vigilance, intelligence, information, communication, common growth and development, good legacies, divinity, leadership, governance, people, youth system, mutual responsibility and oneness of all Africans.

Timmy Africa de Tadstaman, the man music and Mother Africa speak for with his campaign, is leading a strong campaign against social vices, youth’s restiveness, manipulation, negligence, unrecognition and victimization of the African children and youths, bad governance, poor leadership-followership relations, violence, war, terrorism, diseases, the spread of HIV/AIDS, social injustice, gender inequality, bad representation of Africa in Africa and globally. There is no power like a constructive cause enveloped in a team work and supported by infallible positivism, says Timmy Africa.

This music and social icon wishes to see a new and better Africa that will usher in a new and a better world, in which all people of the world are truly one big family, cemented together by Mutuah love, respect and appreciation. He hopes that one day, the African child or youth that is an endangered species, today, and subject to hardship by bad or selfish governance, bad mentoring, uncivilized pressures from within and outside Africa, hunger, thirst, homelessness, poor education, social insecurity, induced crimes, violence, wars, frustration, selfishness, greed, self-defeat, and so on will rise up from the dungeon and become the world’s finest solutions to the crisis in Africa and the world.

Conclusively, Timmy Africa de Tadstaman and his social instrument of Africa, Campaign4Africa, are, always, willing and ready to work together with other persons or organizations that are out there to promote good cause or common good, geared towards making Africa and human family more secured, receptive to constructively-positive consciousness, productive, educated, spiritual, civically responsible, environment friendly, well cultured, interactive, informative, educative, vigilant, intelligent, organized, united, managerial, strong, entertaining and focused on the role of Africa in international or world affairs. Timmy Africa de Tadsta wants all African, rest people and governments of the world to have more respect for human life, their people and their environment. He, also, want all music makers to believe in the making and production of constructively-positive music, because music is an effective tool of respecting and preserving life and the environment. Constructively-positive music are incorruptible, blameless and consumable by all categories of people, because such music motivate not just positive consciousness, rather, a better part of positive consciousness called constructively-positive consciousness. Timmy Africa de Tadstaman, probably world’s controversial music and social icon, says constructively-positivism is the missing part of the world’s philosophy, and formidable instrument that brings about the true healing, which is the greatest need of the human family and the world now.