Timmy Africa de-Tadstaman

Mutuah Music, Mutuah Reggae

Mutuah People, Mutuah Africa, Mutuah World!

The Culture of Mother Africa is rich, strong, divine

and it is the point where the whole nations of the world truly UNITE.

Visions of C4A


  • To see that Africa leave up to expectation of being the Land of Great Substance that will sustain the nations of the world and the future ahead of world's economy.
  • To make Mother Africa better for the whole world through her Good Legacies resources and resourcefulness, and ushers in a better world.
  • To see that the appalling rate of unemployment in Africa is reduced drastically, by providing job opportunities, educating and training all categories of people in Africa, on job and wealth creations and management, and investment opportunities, across Africa.
  • To see that the African child or youth becomes the best solution to key problems in the world.
  • To stimulate the culture of vigilance, intelligence and security consciousness among African children, youths and people, and in the Diaspora.
  • To stimulate the innate potentials or talents in the African children and youths towards making Africa better, safer, more organized, and more geared towards social, scientific and economic development and growth.
  • To unite the vast and rich cultures of the African people. The unity of these cultures is a formidable instrument and identity of the African Nation. The culture of Mother Africa is rich, strong and divine. This is the point where the cultures of the whole Human Family or nations of the world truly unite, as one great and beloved family of the Most High.
  • To reduce children and youths involvements in crimes, in all nooks and crannies of Africa, thereby making the Africa society and the world safer and better for raising children and future.
  • To promote cooperation and cross-cultural ties between the African Nation and the rest of the world. C4A is a means or center of mediation, intercession, constructive consciousness, positive existence and essence of the human Family on earth.