Privacy Policy

Data Collection & Use of Information

We at Campaign 4 Africa are intended to protect the personal health information and data for the purpose of upgrading our service.

Personal Data Collection

Campaign 4 Africa reserves the right to collect the personal health data or information from users while using our service. We will use this strategy to contact you and evaluate your personal health information. This personal data is not limited to use of tracking and cookies.

Use of Cookies and Tracking Technology

We will use the tracking method and cookies for evaluating  user’s activities and protecting their personal health data. Basically, we will cookies to review your personal health information, including essential files and data. On the other hand, we will implement the tracking technology to collect and track your personal health information. There are several tracking tools and methods such as tags, beacons and scripts. We employ three types of cookies to evaluate your personal health information or data, involving session, preference and security cookies.

Use of Personal Information or Data

Campaign 4 Africa uses solid information related to your personal health. For example,

  • We employ personal health data to upgrade our service on this portal.
  • We employ user’s personal health information to make some positive amendments in our service.
  • We offer the most creative and scintillating interactive features for all users to upgrade our service.
  • We provide efficient, dedicated and motivated 24/7 Technical Support service to one and all.
  • Our team will review the personal data of all users from time to time in an attempt to upgrade the service.
  • Our crew will evaluate the service used by third parties and service providers.
  • Finally, we will give the best advice toall users and third parties how to use our service efficiently.

Transfer of Personal Health Data or Information

If you are currently living in Africa or anywhere else and want to transfer your personal data on this site, then it is good news for you that we will give you the access to transfer your personal information on this site related to your health. This domain is working for African people and users. So if you are living in any African state or country, feel free to share your personal information with us on this newly emerging health portal. We employ the best safety measures to ensure your personal health data with the help of our skilled crew.

Security of Personal Data

Indeed, we use the most efficient security tools and methods for protecting the personal health data of all users on the site. Thus, it ensures the fidelity of Campaign 4 Africa.

Service Providers

Campaign 4 Africa reserves the right to correspond with third parties, companies and service providers in an attempt to improve our service. We will give the access to all users, third parties and  service providers to assess their personal health data or to perform their daily tasks on our behalf on this portal. Hence, all users will be liable not to disclose personal data for any illegal activity or wrongdoing.

Links to Other Sites & Children’ Policy

On this health portal, users can find various links of other sites and service providers that are not used by Campaign 4 Africa for any wrongdoing. In addition, we do not protect the personal information on this site about those children who are under the age of 18.

For more information, feel free to contact us via email address or call us today. We have the best available staff in our company, who will always give you the best advice regarding your personal health and wellbeing efficiently.